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Mrs Caroline Joneleit-Hope

Telephone:   01963 440683


Following the easing of the coronavirus restrictions, our first service was a Communion service on Sunday August 9th.  The pattern of Communion on the second Sunday of the month and an Evening Service on the fourth and fifth Sundays has resumed.  However, due to the limited capacity in the church building while maintaining social distancing, the Sunday Worship on the third Sunday will be held in St Michael’s, North Cadbury for the time being.

The church building will also be open for private prayer on Wednesdays between 4.00pm and 5.00pm.  This will be followed by Celtic Worship in the church at 7.00pm on Wednesday evenings.

Amenities and Activities at Galhampton

Galhampton is a lively Village!

The link between the Church and the village is strong.  The ethos of this LEP (Local Ecumenical Project) is to serve the Community of Galhampton and that is our priority.  While the Galhampton Village Hall was recently rebuilt, Galhampton Church was used as a Village Hall.

We have an annual Open Gardens activity with a Flower Festival in the Church during Summer.

Our monthly Cream Tea Event in the Church is very well supported and is a great place to meet new friends.  It is free of charge with a Donation Bowl.  In previous years we have sent in excess £750 to various charities.

Please join us!  You will find details on the What’s On Pages.

Please note that Church events are currently suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.


We welcome all financial contributions to the Church.  For further information please contact our Church Warden.



The Church Of England sold off their “Chapel of Ease” in Galhampton in 1970, as most people in the Village had the means or inclination to attend Church at St Michael’s North Cadbury.

In 1979, the Church of England entered into a Sharing Agreement with the then Congregational Church, to use the building known as Galhampton Chapel, which had been built in 1877 as a Chapel for Dissenters, for an 8 o’clock Said Service of Holy Communion twice monthly.  Subsequently, the now United Reformed Church (URC), has decided that it has no mission in Galhampton and a Local Ecumenical Project (LEP) was set up.  The idea was that the URC and the Church of England would share the responsibility for providing clergy.  The URC provided the building and the Church of England undertook to maintain the building under the local Management Committee and share the Pastoral Care.  The URC, are in more recent years, happy for the Church of England to provide the Clergy support but due to pressure of clergy numbers, the URC are unable to provide help in this way.

Now the Galhampton Church Management Committee is still responsible for the maintenance upkeep and development of the church building and all the clergy services and pastoral care is provided by the Church of England.  In the present day, Galhampton Church Management Committee is mainly concerned with providing opportunities to worship and to welcome all in serving its local community in the best way that it can.  History is deemed less important than the independence of the Committee which serves the community in which it thrives.  The current Church Management Committee do their best to serve,  are constantly reaching out to all comers both old and young.  It is to this end, that considerable time and effort has been put into raising funds to make the Church (as it is now known) useful to its community in the 21st Century.

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For information on Safeguarding including contact details for the Parish Safeguarding Officer please refer to the Safeguarding Statement on the Homepage of this Camelot Parishes website.

John 13:35 (NLT)

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”