Holy Commotion


This is church but not as we know it…

Holy Commotion is a new initiative (launched in 2015) of the Camelot Group of Parishes. It consists of a series of events (normally about two hours in length). Each event differs in form and theme but contains the following three elements…

A fun activity (maybe drama or arts and crafts or cooking or…)

Relevant and enjoyable Christian teaching, prayer and worship

Food !

The Holy Commotion team is headed by the Rector working with a number of lay assistants.

Holy Commotion is for everyone- those living in the Camelot Group of Parishes and those living outside them. It is, however, particularly suitable for families who have children aged 11 or under.

Sometimes those with young children may wish to attend church but for various reasons may find Sunday church services difficult. If, however, you are interested in exploring more about the Christian faith and would like your children to learn more in an environment which engages and involves them, then Holy Commotion is for you !


Kisumu Children Trust

Mission Statement

To provide disadvantaged children in the Kisumu region of Kenya with hope for the future within a Christian foundation.

The Kisumu Children Trust is a UK Registered Charity (1091477) which currently manages and supports the Cherry Brierley Children’s Home in Kisumu, Kenya, through the Kenyan organisation Kisumu Children Ministries. The Home seeks to change the lives of orphaned and destitute children by providing a loving, caring Christian environment in which the children are offered education and the opportunity to develop towards independence and self sufficiency.

Kisumu Trust

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Romans 13:8  “Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbour, you will fulfil the requirements of God’s law”.