Explanatory note on services

In order to give people some guidance on what style people can expect from a particular service, the rota, “Services at a Glance” on this website contains various annotations. This note seeks to explain this annotation.

Very often, the style of service is affected by two issues – language and music.

Some will always have regarded the Book of Common Prayer (‘BCP’) as their normal form of service.  BCP contains set forms of service with only very minor scope for variation.  Since the BCP was finalised in 1662 the language is that of the 17th century with words such as ‘thee’ and ‘thou’.  In the Group we use three main forms of BCP service: Matins, Evensong and Communion. For those who are looking for BCP services all such services are annotated ‘BCP’.

The language of all other services is that of Common Worship.  Here it is much less easy to describe the form of a particular service since Common Worship covers a whole spectrum of services of greater and lesser formality.  But they are all in modern language.  Communion services in Common Worship form are annotated ‘CW’.

As far as music is concerned, in general, traditional hymns work best when accompanied by the organ while modern worship songs work best with instruments such as keyboard and guitar.  So the annotation also indicates which instruments are accompanying a  particular service.  The key here is org = organ. kb = keyboard, p = piano, g = guitar.  Where no musical annotation appears, then it is a said service.

We welcome children and young families at all services but it may be that Family Services (or Sunday Worship)  will prove to be most attractive for them.  The Family Services / Sunday Worship services in the Group are:-

2nd Sunday       Holton  (11.00am)
3rd Sunday        North Cadbury  (11.00am)
4th Sunday        Yarlington  (11.00am)
5th Sunday        North Cheriton (9.30 am)

Please note that following the easing of the coronavirus restrictions, most but not all of our usual services have resumed.


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John 4:24 – “For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”